A matinee for lunch

For lunch today, I went to see Juno. It was filling and good, just like a lunch should be. I can’t tell if I liked the movie so much because it was so damn good, or because Paulie Bleeker reminded me of that Chicagoan who decimated my heart a few years back. It has been made clear to me that I have a soft-spot for boys with eyes that are too close together and odd hair.

The resemblance, was so uncanny it made watching the movie a little painful. But what really hurt was Jennifer Garner as the adoptive mother of Juno’s bastard. Holy shit the want in her face in a few scenes struck a little too close to where I was sitting.

Speaking of sitting, I went to go see the movie at Ye Olde Shakopee Town Theater. I love the STT with a passion. It’s a rundown, old theater decorated in pink and turquoise neon in a dead mall off of Highway 169. It’s the bomb, y’all.

It never comes as a surprise to me to be the only one sitting in the theater at any given movie. I dig it, because then I can sit in the handicap row and give my too long legs plenty of breathing room.

Today my movie mates were a sixty-something couple. He was the kind of dude with a stooped back and a tweed cap who didn’t move too quickly. Both were total white hairs.

While I took up residence in my beloved handicap row a moment before the movie started, they nested way up in the second to last row. There was an ocean of empty seats between us. I smirked to myself as I settled in, wondering how they’d dig the movie.

If their laughter is any indication, they fucking loved it. I think they laughed harder and more often than I did. It was awesome. Almost as awesome as when I went to see Lords of Dogtown.

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  1. christa 04.Jan.08 at 8:35 pm

    jennifer garner was pretty amazing, expressionwise. juno. so good.


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