The bet

I like to make random, inane bets with most everyone I know. I got gambling in my blood. I once bet someone that I could say all the words to the movie “Almost Famous.” I didn’t win or lose, because we never got around to actually watching the movie together. But I did make the bet. Hell, I lost my virginity on a bet.

So long about November 12, I was unceremoniously uninvited to the Big Hell, Inc. Corporate Hooha in the land of the Canucks. No lie. I got an e-mail that said the focus had changed and my attendance was no longer required. That day I asked my boss if I was being fired. She said no.

My co-workers told me it meant nothing. Nothing at all. I knew in all my fibers that it was some heavy-handed foreshadowing of things to come. Sometimes you just know things without being able to explain them.

So in lunchclub that day, The Dougs and I were arguing. I was going on and on about how I was totally going to get fired in the near future. The Dougs was going on and on about how I was totally not going to get fired anytime soon.

“Mark my words Dougs,” I said. “I won’t be here for Valentine’s Day.”
“That’s a bet,” he said. “You won’t be let go anytime soon.”

We decided that the winner has to buy the loser a six-pack of “good beer.”

So long about, November 28th, they announce they’re closing our entire office. Which leaves us in quite a conundrum. The Dougs was wrong and I was wrong. I will be here on Valentine’s Day, but two weeks later I will be let go (and The Dougs will be done not too long after that).

While he could totally get me on a technicality, he has decided not to. Maybe because when you’re losing your job, technicalities seem pointless.

We decided that we’ll both bring in a six pack of our favorite beer and drown our sorrows with our friends on Valentines Day.

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  • bakiwop

    13.Dec.07 at 7:44 am

    well gosh darn it all to heck and back. you are quick and funny and exceedingly good with the whole commenting thing. never did cotton much to comments when i had a site, never knew what to say.

    but you? well, you rock.

  • Jodi

    13.Dec.07 at 9:37 am

    It’s just like having a conversation. I figure with each post I start the conversation and some people want to carry on with it and others don’t. And well, if someone says something back the least I can do is reply. though I am still kind of bad at it.

    Also, I’m not kidding about the mom thing. don’t tell her. I’m not married and, well, you know.


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