Supergenius and the case of the Anonymous Benefactor

Life is full of mystery, I guess. A few weeks ago before the funk that ate Manhattan descended on the Sister Club, Sister #2 was yabbering on and on about what a great week I was having. I got a big, fat raise and my world-famous turkey chili won the annual Hell, Inc. Chili Cookoff in the “Best All-Around Chili Experience” category (yes, I named that category a few years back, and it should be confused with Spiciest Chili, Best Non-Beef Chili, and Most Creative Chili).

She told me that it would only be a matter of time before some sort of writing greatness befell me, after all it was my week.

I think she might be psychic. Today, nestled quietly in my mailbox was a fat $200 gift certificate to The Loft, where I take my fiction writing classes.

I am not sure why I got the certificate. My instincts tell me that it might be some kind of reward being named a finalist for The Loft’s Mentor Series. However, I am not sure. And the one person I can ask (Peabo) is unavailable.

UPDATE: Peabo has confirmed that she didn’t get a gift certificate when she got Mentor Series Honorable Mention.

Hrmm. . . somewhere I need to send an anonymous benefactor a big fat thanks and a hug, because my next Vodo class is on them.

UPDATE 2 (11Nov07): The mystery has been solved. I got a Thank You card from The Wrath (a Canadian former co-worker) and his wife Dana. They are the anonymous benefactors. They felt the need to thank me for being so friendly and welcoming to them in their short time here in the US (after 18 months here they are moving back to Canada in the next week or so).

I didn’t think I had done that much. I encouraged Dana to take classes at The Loft, since when I was lost and without friends The Loft was there for me. I also invited her to join our bookclub. I only did it because I knew she was having trouble finding a job (I guess people with PhDs in psychology aren’t that in demand here in the US) and had left all her friends behind in Canada.

Their kindness and generosity brings tears to my eyes and reminds me that karma is a strong force in my life.

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  1. Lori 11.Nov.07 at 2:35 pm

    Awww … I love it when humans are nice to each other.

  2. Jodi 11.Nov.07 at 10:06 pm

    Me too! It takes so very little to restore my faith in people.

  3. david 12.Nov.07 at 3:51 pm

    Karma is a wonderful thing (and so is that cake, awesome).


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