Things I have done since I last posted back in 1987

  • Went to class where I was quite happy to see Johnny, the Greek
  • Went to Grumpy’s with Peabo & Jags where I ate a turkey sandwich, some tater tots and talked about The Sabotage Cafe
  • Yelled at 8-months-pregnant Al, the cutest girl on earth™, for making us late to her surprise baby shower
  • Played Guitar Hero with my co-workers and their significant others on a projection TV where the Guitar Hero screen was so huge I felt like I actually was on a stage
  • Watched The Office
  • Heard Jane Hamilton read at The Loft, which was so spooky and hilarious that I will have to tell you about it later when I have slept
  • Babysat the Tibbles where I covered them in Batman and Superman tattoos (pictures to follow)
  • Managed to not get hit by a taxicab
  • Had sex
  • Took a very long nap, because I am in the process of getting a cold
  • Played Guitar Hero with the Sister Club
  • Broke and then fixed (except for that damn sideblog, it looks crappy but I have surrendered)
  • Lied about having sex
  • Speed read a shitty chick-lit book for bookclub tonight, a book so bad that I will also have to tell you about that later
  • Vowed that I will write more in October, because all this not writing is really making me feel like the ick inside
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  1. shokkou 30.Sep.07 at 12:03 pm

    i knew you were lying about the sex part.

  2. Lori 30.Sep.07 at 6:57 pm

    Damn. I was literally banging my arrow key to hurry up and get more details. I thought maybe you cashed in on the MSSLTM Vibe. These dots deserve to be followed up with a lengthy, descriptive post to quench my curiosity. So, ya know, START TYPING!

  3. lee 01.Oct.07 at 1:20 am

    i can’t decide whether it’s an unforgivable crime to lie about sex on yr blog, or if sex is the only thing worth lying about on it.


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