Balancing feelings with creative desires

I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday and this morning for a brief (but not as brief as it should have been) moment I decided that I had Parkinson’s disease. I ate a belly-busting lunch with FFJ before our podcast this afternoon and tonight I’m having dinner with the family to celebrate Sister #2’s graduation from the Master’s program at Augsburg. Now I am sitting in my underpants listening to this phenomenal Jeff Tweedy bootleg, with a version of “California Stars” that brings tears to my eyes.

If it weren’t for one minor issue, this would probably rank right up there with last weekend as the best weekend ever. However, there is the minor issue and it is weighing heavily on my mind.

See, and here’s some cryptoblogging for y’all because I don’t want to name names or reveal my project yet, I inadvertently hurt someone this week. I am about to embark on a new creative endeavor that is stepping on some toes.

It’s a tough spot to be in. Even though I argued that the web is a big place and there’s plenty of room for both of our projects, that does not diminish the hurt feelings. How do you balance the feelings of someone with your own creative desires? It’s been the question I’ve been struggling with all weekend, the only black mark in an otherwise blissful weekend.

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