The 5% nation of umbrellas in my pink froufrou drinks

Spring fever struck about 30 minutes ago. It’s pretty bad. Suddenly my skin doesn’t fit right and all I want to do is drink pink frofrou things with umbrellas, stay out later than I should, and have sex with strange men I hardly know. Basically on the eve of my 34th birthday (exactly three weeks from today) I’ve decided I want to be 22.

And in keeping with the mood of being 22, I’ve loaded up Kathleen Turner Overdrive with all three Soul Coughing Albums. I started with Irresistible Bliss, moved back to Ruby Vroom and will end the afternoon with El Oso. At least that’s the plan right now, it could change since along with Spring fever comes the worst ADD in the history of things.

In the midst of “Soft Serve” I realized what it was that I love so much about Soul Coughing. Soul Coughing totally unlocked my hips.

I’m basically a pretty shy person, especially when you get me in social settings. If there’s a big group of people, I’ll fade right into the background whenever I get the chance. Being a 6’5″ girl, it’s often hard to fade into the background. It’s in those social gatherings when I am most acutely aware of my body. My too big everything, too long arms, and my always, always, always right there in your face height.

In social situations I rarely do anything to call attention to myself. In fact, when attention is solely focused on me I am known to blush so brightly and so furiously that moths are drawn to the firey radiance of my cheeks.

So yeah, dancing in public is generally out of the question. But not when Soul Coughing (or Mike Doughty) is on the Hi-Fi. From the first time I heard the weird counting song (Casiotone Nation), my hips were hooked. Eventually my shoulders and ass followed. I’m still much too shy to dance in public, but when I am alone I’m like Martha Graham.

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