my horoscope said it would be a good day to procrastinate

Date of Birth: 06/06
A task, jodi, perhaps job-related or perhaps a task of your own, might prove a bit weightier than you had expected, and you’re working too hard. This could have you feeling tired and dejected. You need to judge: Exactly how crucial is it to get this done right now? If it really isn’t all that vital get as much done as you can without compromising your well-being, and do the rest tomorrow. The world won’t come to an end!

ha! haHA!

too bad i’m 4 pages and 1093 words into what will surely come to be known as “The Story that was So Shitty it Made Baby Jesus Weep.” but i’ve crossed the 1000 world threshold, there’s no going back now. i’m hoping to finish the shitty shitty draft tomorrow night so i can spend a bit of time revising it before handing it off to the jackals on Thursday.

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  1. PeeWee 03.Apr.06 at 11:51 pm

    jackals…ha ha!


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