well at least today won’t be known as the 3rd most boring day that ever happened

my rage is so grand and all-encompassing right now that i think maria, who sits next to me, asked them to turn on the ari conditioning. i am so angry and knotted up that the left-side of my neck needs a little rubbing.

oh my god. work should never, ever cause this much anger. but, well, sometimes it does. and here’s what i have to say: i am a copywriter, i am not in charge of managing your motherfucking business-partner relations. my god!

i am going to have some tea and a cookie and hopefully some of the rage will have dispersed from my system by the time i’m done.

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  1. david 01.Mar.06 at 11:19 am

    It is posts like his that make me glad I quit copywriting after a couple of years.

  2. jodi 01.Mar.06 at 11:20 am

    it’s not even the copywriting that bothers me. i like that part. . . but it’s the fucking salespeople who think that the copywriter is in charge of marketing their partners products that drive me NUTS.

  3. kelly 01.Mar.06 at 5:44 pm

    First, love the new look of the site–big fan!
    Second, let me share some words of wisdom from Becca, the coolest bartender in the world. A regular asked her how she was doing (when they were short and she was running the bar and it’s 30 or so customers by herself) and she replied with a huge smile and “I’m living the dream.” She delivered this with such a full, flat expression that I couldn’t stop laughing–and commesurating–for a good ten minutes.

    Live the dream, man.


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