confessions of a germy germspreader

last night at grumpy’s i had an utterly delightful conversation with a couple of germaphobe/hypochondriac’s. i am not afraid to say that one of them is Kelly (who i incidentally had a crazy dream about last night). she even told me how she once slept over at a boyfriend’s house and slept on top of the covers in her clothes. i told her i was totally gonna write a story about that sometime.

she also told me how whenever she gets sick she will spend her time tracking back exactly where the germs came from.

well, kelly. if you get sick in three days, it totally came from me. because i have managed to contract some sort of awful plague that is making my eyes watery, my nose snotty, and my throat achey. and, having done the math, i’m pretty sure i got it from one of my grubby, germ-filled family members at the annual bowl-o-rama.

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  1. kelly 30.Nov.05 at 11:53 am

    DUDE–I totally woke up with the plague this morning!!!!! I was torn between being pissed and being thrilled that I have a new example of irony to share with my kids.

    Three days back…Oh…at the old folks home visiting my grandparents. *shudder*

    More importantly, tell about the dream!!


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