this is gonna be the best week ever

ok, so my giddiness over the impending mike doughty show has been made clear. but this week, this is going to go down on record as the best week of my entire life.

tomorrow i get my hair cut and i have class (and you know how very much i love love love class).
wednesday is the aforementioned Doughty concert
thursday is lunch with my beloved Webboy and Jess and then dinner with Jaycie and Max, also there is no work
friday there is no work, but there is bowling
saturday is potentially the movies with jaycie and max
sunday i am going out to dinner with the reporter
and next monday. . . there is STILL NO WORK.

this is the point where i pass out on the car seat like dash in the incredibles when he shouts “THAT WAS THE BEST VACATION EVER! i love our family!”

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  1. PeeWee 10.Oct.05 at 1:21 pm

    My week is gonna suck.
    I have to work 70+ hours.
    I have a 20 mile marathon prep run Saturday. (and have to run short runs three other nights).
    Yankees better win.


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