jodi goes to the movies with the teenage boys where she feels a little like humberta humberta

on friday i went to see Lords of Dogtown. the theater had about 20 people in it, me and most of the skatepunk community that can be found in the greater shakopee area.

dogtown and z boys, the documentary this movie is based on, is one of my favorite movies ever. i watch it whenever i need a little pick me up. i’ve come close to memorizing the documentary, which totally wrecked the movie-version for me.

however, i must admit, Lords of Dogtown is the suckiest movie i’ve ever loved. i loved it! i laughed with the teens in the audience, i gasped, i ohhhed and ahhed. i found it hysterical when tony hawk played an astronaut who fell off the skateboard when he tried it. the skate footage is phenomenal, and worth the price of admission (i paid $5.50) alone. plus the young things who play Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Stacy Peralta spend a great deal of time with their shirts off.

but the movie just doesn’t hold together as a ficitonalize, dramatize version of the true story. in the case of Dogtown, truth is much better than fiction. i think this movie could have worked had Stacy Peralta not written it. he’s a little too close to the scene and the events that the movie depicts. as one of my writing teachers said, “just because it happened, isn’t a defense for a shitty story.” and that’s sort of what this movies main problem is.

but once it gets on DVD, you should totally see it. because it’s cute and it’s fun.

the best part for me, of course, was when the movie was over. me and the skaterboys (and a few skate betties) filed out of the theater, and then outside to the parking lot. no lie, i was the only one who drove home. the rest of them had to wait for their mom to pick them up from the theater.

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  1. Andy 06.Jun.05 at 12:13 pm

    Dogtown & Z-Boys is one of MY favorite documentaries ever!!!
    It was shown on IFC last weekend, Humberta made me laugh, thanks.

  2. brian 08.Jun.05 at 7:55 am

    I want to see this but am opposed to the Shakopee Theater. Seems rather ghetto to me but costs far less than going to Eden Prairie which has movable armrests. Oh so comfy


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