everything looks perfect from far away

so i had a weekend, though it doesn’t feel like it. i’ve discovered that the one thing i simply cannot do anymore is stay up until 4 a.m. i guess i’m just one of those people who needs to be in bed by 3 a.m. at the very latest. four a.m. just wrecks me for the day, though i did manage to get laundry and grocery shopping done yesterday.

the westernerds had a BBQ on saturday and it was great gobs of fun, but i don’t remember it all. i mean i remember it, but not in exacting detail like i so often remember everything. this, of course, means i probably have alzheimers or something.

i’m feeling pretty basic today. the biggest problem i’m facing is that i’m almost out of the divine mix of chocolate covered raisins and almonds that i got at the Super T a few weeks ago and that i can’t seem to stop listening to Iron and Wine’s cover of “Such Great Heights.”

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