the weekend in quotes

“lord of the rings is cool, dawson’s creek is nerdy,” the TTHM.

“so you’re kind of a nerd, right?” a bowler at the tournament yesterday.

“why don’t you fucking marry her?” nine-months pregnant sister #3 to her husband after he complimented my new dye job.

“i bet it’s all my tips that paid for the hair do,” another bowler at the tournament yesterday.

“so do i have to go over there?” sister #4 on the phone with me, calling from the bowling alley friday night.
“yes, you fucking do. i don’t want her to go into labor with all those kids around.” [sister #3 was babysitting jaycie, max, and had cade along with her]
“sheesh, you don’t have to swear.”

“that team right there, they’re the ball return humpers of their league,” sister #3 pointing to the freakshows on lanes 7 & 8.

“i’m laying on the couch watching a documentary about competitive scrabble, i think that’s the very definition of unbusy,” me.

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  1. Calli 21.Mar.05 at 1:54 am

    I’ve seen that! Or, at least, I hope I have. Would be rather frightening if there was more than one documentary on competitive scrabble.

    Some interesting folks in that thing, eh?

  2. Dietcokegurl 21.Mar.05 at 12:18 pm

    Dude, when was it on and what was it called? I dig competitive scrabble. Yeah, I’m serious, and yeah, I’m a big geek.