still not much of anything to say

today was less of a day than yesterday. just call me boring enormous. which is really quite sad beause i looked kinda cute today.

i think it’s my dream life that is sucking all the everything out of me. while my waking life feels quite dull lately, my dream life, oh my dream life has been more exciting than usual.

if you hate dream entires, skip it.

last night i dreamt about paul westerberg and my friend Smel. i’m always a little creeped out when i dream about celebrities. i’m not sure what was really the weird part. the fact that we were seeing paul westerberg in a VFW/Bowling Alley, or that he came and sat with me and Smel and my westernerd pal Wolfdog to shoot the shit.

the dream the night before has still stuck with me. it was a most explicit sexdream involving a friendboy of mine. we were having all kind of acrobatic sex at my parents’ house. only it wasn’t my parents’ house rather FFJ’s cabin way up north. and even though i remember the explicit acrobatic sex, the thing i remember the most is that he held my hand in the down times. something really sweet and plain, but it’s what i remember the most. and it made me feel warm and cared for, even though it was mostly just a dream about mad monkey sex and then going to london to see the gear daddies with the sister club.

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  1. mkh 23.Mar.05 at 9:36 pm

    I’m in the other boat. I don’t have much to say because my dreams have dried up. I go to sleep, wake up, and it’s as though I’m having an episode of lost time, because I haven’t dreamed or rested.

  2. kelly 24.Mar.05 at 6:58 pm

    Do you ever have dreams that you’re in so deep that you wake up almost exhausted? That happens to be all the time. Or I’ll think myself into a dream and the whole time feel that I’m teetering between awake and asleep. And again when I wake up I feel like I haven’t slept all night.


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