i nearly gave myself a heartattack watching a hockey game i knew we’d win

hockey and easter are inexplicably linked in my mine. i think it was during a hockey game the easter of my 10th year that my aunt cathy revealed to my parents that i knew the truth about the easter bunny. she totally pulled the secret out from nowhere and left me speechless during my play by play. that was one of things i used to do as a kid, sit right in front of the tv (totally in the you’re gonna ruin your eyes territory) and do a play-by-play. my dad used to tell me that if i kept it up, i could be the first female hockey announcer. i just laughed, because really i was going to be a cowgal/stewardess and wouldn’t have time for hockey as an adult.

the game we watched that easter wasn’t the 1980 Olympics. i think i still belived in god, america, and the easter bunny back in 1980. i was only 7 when the USA won the olympic gold medal for hockey. i vaguely remember the games. or at least i think i do. i know that Neal Broten, who was on the team, and went on to play for the Minnesota North Stars played a vital role in many of the newspaper i used to make with my Fisher Price Printer’s Kit.

so to keep the tradition alive, tonight i watched Miracle. it’s one of those movies i’ve wanted to see for ages. i remember hearing quite a bit about it when Herb Brooks died a few years ago. finally, the time was right. i loved it! i sat on the couch holding my breath during the CCCP v. USA game, gasping every now and again like i didn’t know what was going to happen. i even cried when the US team took the lead. i’m not sure why the emotional reaction, i mean i knew we were gonna win. but i didn’t really lose it until the very end when Herb Brooks voiceover came on and then they dedicated the movie to him because he never got to see it.

oh man. blubbering idiot, that was me.

and how was your easter?

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