Lies I told my niece and nephew (ages 6 & 7) while babysitting this weekend

• Color wasn’t invented until 1956 (this is an idea that I stole from some movie or book or story i read somewhere– I can’t remember where so I cannot credit the source)
• The world got together to vote on what color the sky and grass should be. Though blue and green won, purple and orange came in a really, really close second.
• Yes, if purple had won the sky would indeed be purple.
• I wear glasses because I can shoot sparks from my eyes and since I don’t want to hurt anyone I need the glasses to keep the sparks in my eyes.
• Paul Westerberg wrote the song Eyes Like Sparks because of me and my superpowers.
• I never got anything but socks and underwear for Christmas until i was 17.
• I am absolutely positive that there was no color on earth until 1956 and that’s why old photos and TV are in black and white and even people were only black and white and grey.
• Horseradish sauce is made out of horses (this one I rescinded when Max started to cry).
• Most aunts in the world are like James’ aunts in James and the Giant Peach because we all belong to the National Union of Aunts and I could probably get in a lot of trouble for being so nice to you.

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  1. Will Tupper 06.Dec.04 at 12:43 pm

    Dear Ms. Jodi,

    Calvin’s Dad in the popular comic strip “Calvin & Hobbes” once told Calvin that color was invented in, I believe, 1956.

    You should not lie to your niece and nephew, though. I have a niece and three (!) nephews, so I know.

    One day, they will decide what kind of nursing homes we go into.

  2. jodi 06.Dec.04 at 1:08 pm

    yes! it was calvin and hobbes. of course.

    also, i think it makes my niece and three (!) nephews use their imaginations and think.

    ‘sides how cool would it have been if the world had voted on what color to make the sky.


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