the real reason i had poppin fresh caramel cinnamon rolls for dinner

i tried. i really, really did. i sauteed up some green peppers, onions, zucchini in preparation to adding to a delightful spinach lasagna i was gonna make. i had mixed up the spinach with some ricotta, asiago and mozzerlla cheese. i had the paul newman’s marinara (because i didn’t try all that hard) all ready. then i discovered i didn’t have any noodles. i had pasta– fettucine and lingini. but no lasagna.

what to do in times like this? improvise.

yeah, i probably shouldn’t have. because i ended up with a baked pasta-y mess that tasted a little like dirt.

but i get an A for effort, right?

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  1. Thomas 04.Nov.04 at 2:34 am

    A+ for going through all the steps you did in that effort.

    And a gold star… Maybe even a pencil with your name on it…