how i didn’t spend my 9-day thanksgiving vacation

cleaning my apartment
getting my portfolio together
writing the next best american short story, due in class on december 9th
staying conscious for more than 6 hours in a row, god i love napping
doing any laundry, grocery shopping, or christmas shopping
worrying about work
worrying about being lonely
actually being lonely

so what did i actually do? i napped, finished this year’s best american short stories, napped, napped, napped, finished eggers’ how we are hungry, napped, bought cat food, went for coffee with Smel, went out to dinner with sister #3, napped, ate some thanksgiving food stuffs, spent $50 on a cheesecake, experienced an orgasm upon eating a slice of the $50 cheescake, attended the chromey v. chromey bowl-o-rama, went out to lunch with FFJ, went to the dentist, got my oil changed, napped, masturbated, thought about cleaning the apartment, took out the garbage, napped some more, downloaded two paul westerberg concerts, and napped.

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  1. UH 28.Nov.04 at 8:38 pm

    For $50, that better have been the best cheesecake orgasm ever. That’s just obnoxiously expensive.

  2. jodi 28.Nov.04 at 8:56 pm

    it was the first time i had ever had a cheesecake orgasm and it was so totally worth every penny.