the one where i rock it to the east and i rock it to the west

this morning i had to give my very first ever presentation/ creative pitch. i’ve never had to do this ever in my entire professional career. mostly i just give my ideas in a random sort of way and meekly let the powers that be bat them around and get all crabby because they don’t understand that i actually put some thought into it and there’s a reason for most everything.

today, however, all that changed. today we presented two different creative executions for a campaign we’re working on. this campaign has been pretty much dropped into our laps, so we’re taking someone else’s concept and executing it. it’s much tougher than executing your own idea. it’s even tougher because we’ve been given no direction at all and we had to come up with it all on our own.

so with great amounts of dread and nervousness, i presented our idea. the thought behind it how we came to this conclusion and how it will work throughout an integrated campaign.

and they loved it! they ate it right up. now, i just need to pitch it to the CEO and i’m sure he’s gonna love it to pieces.


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