i need some karmic cleansing stat

i had a wretched meeting today that went terribly and that’s left me all pissy and crabby. this pissiness and crabbiness is really making me angry because i know i’m totally fouling up my karma and i need some good karma because tickets go on sale for the Karl Mueller benefit at 5 p.m. tonight. this is the show that if i don’t get tickets, i will DIE. and now, i’ll probably just DIE because i have bad karma because i’m all crabby and pissy because of the craptacular meeting. garrrr. i just want to make annoying frowny faces at everyone. if i were a two-year-old i would be showing my general displeasure at the world by laying down and pounding my heels against the floor while just generally screaming about nothing but my unhappiness at the utter total suckiness of my displeasure.

you know?

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  1. Robin 29.Sep.04 at 7:31 pm

    I wonder if Method has plans for making karmic cleanser? You know that we’d both buy it.