david sedaris, where have you been all my life?

i feel like i’ve just crawled out from under a rock. a few months ago, i bought David Sedaris’ Naked at a used bookstore. i never read it, and it just languished on the bookshelf with a gob of other books i haven’t found the time to read yet. after Toni Morrison’s ironically titled Love and a whole slew of short stories that are never happy, i was ready for a change of pace. i needed something different.

of course everyone i know (the TTHM, FFJ, etc.) are huge fans, but some how i had escaped the magic spell of Sedaris. not anymore. i’ve been sitting on the fabulous blue couch with Naked and laughing so loud and so hard that i can’t even read the words on the page. oh god, i needed this.

i can’t imagine a more perfect way for a 6’5″ single 30something booknerd to spend the day than with Sedaris and Paul Westerberg.

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  1. ac 06.Sep.04 at 1:43 pm

    oh jodi… how could you of all people not have already read everything by sedaris. you must — let me stress this — must read his “holidays on ice” which features his belly-busting santaland diaries and of course there is also the most excellent “me talk pretty one day”.

    i will say this, the only thing better than reading sedaris is hearing him and his sister amy tell the stories. i have the cd box set just for that reason.

  2. jodi 06.Sep.04 at 2:14 pm

    i know! i am a total neandrethal. i have no idea what i’ve been waiting for.


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