a locket that bears the name of the man that brandy loves

i’ve been having a rough, stressful day here. really sorta deadliney type stuff which is the norm, just i’m overthinking a projects and COMPLETELY FUCKING FREAKING OUT. and i’m trying to make this freak out mania as contagious as possible, only it’s not working so well with the contagion part. but i am having one of those deadline looming full-on freakouts that makes my knee continuously bounce no matter how much i try to make it stop.

so anyway, while i’m full-on freaking out, my co-workers decide to help things along the best they can. how?

they start singing “brandy” again, only this time Al got to hear it. only this time instead of singing it on the friday before labor day at 5, they sing it at 2 p.m. on the tuesday after labor day when everyoe is here. it was so funny i was weeping.

and you just gotta love people who are willing to humiliate themselves for your amusement.

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