Answering the Googlers Questions XI: All Dawson’s all the time

Here’s what I’ve learned looking at this month’s logs, a lot of people are really concerned about what to wear to a Journey concert. Also, I could turn I Will Dare into a Dawson’s Creek blog and people would be happy (and so would I, for about 20 minutes)

How many kids does Marie Osmond have?
Eight (wow).

What happened on June 17, 1956, $2.27?
Well on June 17, 1956 the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, I suspect you mean January 17, 1956 and my guess is that’s when Allen Ginsberg was working on America.

Did Pacey and Andie have sex in Dawson’s Creek?
Hell yes. Then Abby Morgan found out and tortured the Capeside Crew with that information.

1 week late, am I pregnant?

Why would groupies sleep with The Beatles?
Because they wanted to be near someone famous. Or because, you know, they were the fucking Beatles.

How to properly wallow?
I find to properly wallow one must be unbathed and wearing pajamas for at least two days in a row. It should also include either French fries or ice cream. If you want to excel at wallowing, you would include both. Also, there must be copious self-pity-filled tears.

After all this won’t you give me a smile?

Can redheads wear pink?

What song plays on Dawson’s Creek when Jen dies?
I had to research this one. It’s “Green Apples” by Chantal Kreviazuk. You can watch the scene here.

What do people think about John Irving?
Well, all the people I know who have read his work kind of love him, especially the early stuff. I think he’s pretty well-respected in the literary community. I, obviously, fucking love him. His novel A Prayer for Owen Meany changed my life.

Was Edna St. Vincent Millay a lesbian?
Not strictly speaking, no. I think she enjoyed men and women equally.

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