i called it

robin, the poppy mom is writing about her husband’s love of the prize inside cereal boxes. which is funny in and of itself but even funnier because sister #2 and i were just talking about such things on the phone yesterday while i was at work.

“what are you two fighting about,” she said to jaycie and max.
“i want the prize inside,” jaycie said.
“bring the box here.”
“what is it?” i asked.
“it’s the fruity pebbles, it has some superhero cards inside. max’s is gonna flipout because the cocoa pebbles doesn’t have anything.”

moments later.

“max, i’m sorry honey but the coca pebbles don’t have a prize.”

some sort of sniffling and other sadness sounds come from max. “it’s not fair, jaycie got a prize.”

“next time we go to the story you can get sthe cereal with the prize.”
“no fair!” he shouted.
“did we ever argue about the prize inside the cereal box?” she asked.
“not that i can remember,” i said.
“well, i think if you called it we all pretty much obeyed the power of the call.”
“yeah, you’re right,” she said.
“you need to teach them to call it and to obey the power of the call.”
“i’ve failed my children.”
“you have, but it’s not too late for them to learn.”

it’s amazing that the call had such sway over us. we didn’t listen to our parents, we argued about most everything, but if you called something that was gospel and though sometimes there was a little debate over who called it first, once the first called was identified, they surely got whatever it was they called.

if only the call worked now. because i’d be living in a swanky house with many novels by me on the shelf and my sweetass cutie of a husband would be commanding paul westerberg to play “I Will Dare” again.

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  1. FFJ 06.Jul.04 at 12:15 pm

    my hubbins family did the right thing by this. he has two brothers and a sister and whenever they got cereal with a prize in it. hubbins mamala would take the prize and put it in a big jar on top of the fridge. then whenever one of the kids did something extra special or all their chores they got to pick one prize.
    mamala kalla did so many things right.