this one will find a way

i’ve been so fucking busy lately that i totally forgot to wax psychotic during my current bout with PMS. there was a small pity party thrown in my honor sometime late saturday evening, so i went and rented “Sex in the City” season 6 part 1 and ate ice cream. it was a lot of fun, you should have been there.

i know, i know i swore off the tv– but technically this was on DVD so it sorta doesn’t count. and, really, “Sex in the City” is my total girlie weakness. i just love that show.

and when i say busy, i’m talking not messing around busy. it’s good in the thrilling way that being really super busy doing fun, exciting stuff can be good. but it’s also totally exhausting. i’m thinking so much, so quickly, so often that my poor little brain doesn’t even know what to do, besides spend the weekend crashed out on the fabulous blue couch watching “Sex in the City.”

and when i say busy, i’m not talking in a social-whirlwind butterfly kind of way. i mean in the 10 hour work days kind of way. which is a little stinky, but seems to be fulfilling at the moment nonetheless. so one really can’t complain all that much can one?

but i’m sure this one will find a way.

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  1. UH 14.Jun.04 at 10:45 pm

    I totally read that as “…there was a small pity party thrown in my horror…” which would be something totally different indeed.


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