so thanks to my beloved brother-in-law ruby is the proud new owner of a 12-disc CD player. we still need to get her a fancy faceplate, to cover the hole left by the extraction of the AM/FM cassette player, but for now we are rocking. we left sister #3’s and tony’s place (which is just to the left of the middle of nowhere) listening to the replacements’ “let it be” in all its CDness glory. it made both of us very happy (ruby is extra happy seeing as while i was driving sister #4’s short bus the stink changed her oil and fixed her left blinker).

now the challenge that lays ahead of us, concerns exactly what 12 CDs should be placed in the CD thingy. i mean this is not a decision to take lightly. i’ve already decided that i will be making 12 extra special ruby edition CDs. this will surely give us more musical bang for our buck. don’t you think?

so yeah, 12 CDs and what to put on them? for sure they’ll be one just dedicated to westerberg, dylan, and then what? self? beulah? the shins? soul coughing? tom waits? liz phair? damien rice?

the mind staggers with all the possibilities.

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