my love’s in jeopardy

i just had to have a very frank, heart-to-heart conversation with webboy. for those of you following along at home webboy is a co-worker who used to sit next to me until they moved him all the way over to the west side of the building. webboy and i had great fun all the time. like that time i told him he was lazy or that time i teased him about the butt balm or that one time he actually thought stuff happened and wasn’t in google.

anyway, webboy was like one of my all time favorite co-workerboys. i mean, really we had lots of fun. probably too much fun, then they banished him to the west side and left me sitting here all by my lonesome a drift in a sea of empty cube greyness.

but then, yesterday, something surprising happened. the artguy stopped to talk to me. as you know such an occasion is a little disconcerting here in jodiland. but i was so lonely and bereft over the loss of my webboy that i just chatted my fool head off. and it was a lot of fun. i forgot to be all tongue-tied and nervous in the face of such utter cooler-than-meness. and it was fun. he might have even laughed. i ate it up. because you know, lately i haven’t had a lot of chance to talk to actual people. you know with my voice.

then he stopped and chatted again today. again. AND, then a little while later when i was bored, i went to his cell and chatted with him.

of course, being the honorable and upfront kinda gal i am, i immediately broke the news to webboy that he was in jeopardy of losing my affections. he did not take the news well and promised to be more attentive to my bratty and demanding needs for attention. of course, i remain ever skeptical. in the meantime i’m discovering that i actually like talking to the artguy. now, if i could only gather up the courage to ask him to lunch.

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  1. Thomas 23.Apr.04 at 7:30 am

    Open your mouth. State your intent of lunching. Ask if he’d be interested in joining you, and hint you might be willing to share a fry or two with him should he accept.

    Welcome to Human Interaction 102.

  2. Alan 25.Apr.04 at 8:52 am

    Nah, i say bring a club (or the modern equivilent, aka baseball bat). look him in the face and say, “you, me, lunch, now!”
    if he doesn’t immediately follow you, club him in the head and drag him to lunch.

    Human Interaction…dang, what comes before 101?

  3. Thomas 26.Apr.04 at 8:11 am

    Pre-Human Interaction. It’s not a prereq, but it is suggested if you are having a difficult time with the concepts in Human Interaction 101. You should contact the registrar to see if there are any classes available. You can transfer within the first 6 weeks of the class at no charge, and 6 weeks after that and pay only 50% of a new registration. If there are no classes available, please contact the Office of the Bursar for credit/refund purposes, 100% if withdrawn within the first 6 weeks and 50% if withdrawn in the 6 weeks after that.

    By the way… Where is Jodi? JODI? Hello!?!?