even the stars are gonna kick my sad ass into shape

i woke up this morning to a bit chastising from rob brezsney:
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Visualize a scenario in which Israelis and Palestinians are still embroiled in a hateful state of siege for another 100 years. Imagine that the personal problems bugging you now will continue to torment you indefinitely. Live your life as if you believe the world is falling apart and that we human beings are parasites bent on wrecking the paradise we’ve been blessed with. APRIL FOOL! Don’t you dare indulge in any of the hackneyed cynicism I just spouted. While educated idiots might try to convince you that badmouthing the future is honest and intelligent, it’s actually a bad habit based on delusion. Here’s your *real* assignment, Gemini: Retrain your mind to expect the best. Visualize in graphic detail the transformations you’d love to see. Cultivate delight using all your ingenuity.

i like the idea of cultivating delight. what i really like the idea of is going back to bed for two more hours.

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