a valiant effort

i’ve tried valiantly all week to get out of hanging out with sister #4. not that i don’t want to hang out with her, i just don’t want her to come over and scan all the photos from her eurpoean vacation. she’s not so technically literate, sister #4. this will be the ultimate test of my patience.

first i tried to get out of it by telling her i might be too tired after the big company hoo-ha holiday party. that i might have a great, great time and have to spend all day today recovering.

“yeah,” she said. “if it’s anything like the last time you went you’ll be at my house with taco bell by 10:30.”

so then i tried to get out of it by telling her i was going to go see “Big Fish” and wouldn’t be around. no such luck. she’s going to see “Big Fish” with me.

“remember how i was trying to get out of doing this,” i asked.
“remember how i was going to hang out with my friend today and now i’m not so now you have to hang out with me,” she asked.

i tried, really i did. now i have to clean my apartment. blech.

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  1. Jeffy 10.Jan.04 at 10:01 pm

    I’m listening to the Replacements and I thought of you. I hope you’re doing okay.

    — Jeffy.