the losers’ club

if you have any intention of reading Richard Perez’s The Losers’ Club don’t read any further.

i just finished this book that i thought could have been writtten by me. 30something writerguy, lonely and single, looking to the personal ads for companionship.

yeah, well can i just say i’m so disappointed i could spit? the book was beautifully written, it was great with this amazingly descriptive scene involving a mosh pit, the the ending ruined the whole thing for me.

in the end lonely, loser writerguy gets the girl. not just any girl, no the bi-sexual best friend who dumps the girlfriend for him.


that doesn’t happen in real life. loser writerpeople don’t get the beauty. they don’t get the happier ever after with their first choice. no. they get heartache and disappointment and more bitterness than one person can possibly hold in their body, and then maybe if they are really, really lucky they get someone who they can tolerate and who will tolerate their moodiness and neediness and the fact that sometimes they get so lost inside their own head it might not seem like they’ll ever find their way back.

or at least that’s the way i think it happens in real life. that’s the way it should happen for 30ish lonely, bitter loser writergirls.

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  1. Thomas 05.Nov.03 at 8:13 am

    Not a fan of the “Happy Ending”, eh? A shame you never indulged in the original Star Wars trilogy; You would have loved “The Empire Strikes Back”. The movie “Clerks” has a wonderful homage to it delivered by the lead character Dante who similarly dis-believes in happy endings. Even the original ending of “Clerks” was dark (Dante was gunned down by a thief, and a subsequent customer peers over the counter, sees Dante’s still bleeding body, and, instead of calling for help, reaches over the counter and steals a few packs of cigarettes.

  2. Tam 06.Nov.03 at 11:34 am

    I think the moodiness and the neediness and the lonliness make us good writers. We have that need to be more than we are, to have more than we need and it drives us towards our goals.

    I know I’m lucky because I found someone who could tolerate my crap, but that doesn’t mean I’m safe from pulling a Wolfe or a Plath someday.

    Its a hard balance to stike between the creativity and the pain, but when it works, its wonderful.


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