green + red helps chase away the mean reds

i decided the best thing to do to get my mind off the mean reds was to do some christmas cards. as you know i have a christmas card buying problem. you’ll be happy to know that i haven’t bought any yet this year. but then again, i haven’t been in any christmas card selling store in about 94 days. so there’s that.

but and still, i have like four boxes from last year and i have about 16 people to send cards to. sadly this number is way down from last year, which makes me sadder than you can imagine. if i have your address you’re getting a card. if i even think i might have an old address, you’re getting a card. if you think that i might want to send you a card (and i probably do) then you should give me your address. i mean, do the math. i got like 50 cards to get rid of, and probably three more boxes that i’ll be compelled to buy.

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  1. heather 24.Nov.03 at 9:42 pm

    you already have my address, poopsie.

  2. stephanie 22.Dec.03 at 9:20 pm

    Uh…..where are “the” cards exactly?


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