dead man shake

maybe it was the beatific smile plastered to my face. maybe it was that i was wearing a bright yellow shirt and they were amazed that someone actually chooses to wear best buy yellow. maybe i just look extra cute with my sticky-uppy hair. i’m not sure what it was but they sure were helpful at the big best buy on lyndale.

i had to resist the urge to shout, it’s paul westerberg to all 17 people who offered to help me.

i scuttled my way to the Ws, but i had misguessed. i landed in the Rap aisle where the Rap browsers all gave me that “sugar, you’re in the wrong aisle” look. and i was, i can admit it.

i made my way to the Ws and with trembling hands, i spotted “Come Feel Me Tremble.” One down three to go. i headed straight on for the Gs and was a little panicy when i could see Grand Funk Railroad and Grandaddy, but no Grandpa Boy. i was about to resign myself to ordering it online when i spotted it way down in front, low where tall people don’t look.

two down three to go. i hadn’t the foggiest notion where one might find the concert DVD, so i headed to the DVD area where i had to resist the urge to pick up “Singles” on DVD. i searched up and down every DVD aisle. did you know there’s like some line of Hooters DVDs, yeah. i probably didn’t need to know that either.

finally, i gave up and went in search of one of my 17 pals.
“excuse me,” i said standing next to the cutie with the funky sideburns stocking Godsmack CDs.
“let me guess,” he said. “westerberg.”
“yes! i need the DVD.”
“it’s right over here,” he said heading off for the new music releases aisle.
“i looked in the DVDs,” i said.
“everyone does, here you go” he said handing me the DVD.
“thank you!”

and then i paid and ran out to ruby, cursing the fact that she doesn’t have a CD player, drove 70 mph back to work, and now, i am smiling that dreamy, dreamy smile and shaking my messy westerberg hair and listening to him sing “i’m so lonesome i could cry.”

it’s a wonderful paul westerberg day!

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  1. Wendy 21.Oct.03 at 1:36 pm

    That was the best and happiest Best Buy story I’ve ever heard. And trust me. I’ve heard a ton.

  2. Chris 21.Oct.03 at 3:30 pm

    Let’s see, off work at 5:00, 16 miles to Best Buy in rush hour traffic. Car will go 120 if I push it. Ought to be there in no time flat, hope they havent run out. I hope I have a wonderful Westerberg evening!!!

  3. Natalie 22.Oct.03 at 9:09 pm

    Ah, that is so me in January when the new Wes album comes out. Even though I, um, already own most of the album (it was supposed to come out last year, but didn’t, and I bought a promotional copy off

    And I’m going to see Wes on November 19! Happy 29th birthday to me! (The actual day is the 15th, but the concert is part of my present.)

    So yeah, I totally understand your Westerberg thing.