bountiful browness

dear wendy,

i’m terrible with thank you notes. just ask bonny. she’s sent me roughly a gozillion cool cds and i always forget to send her a thank you note.

but i wanted to tell you that i got the happy day after the ides of september gift and it made me cry. i just wept with how absolutely thoughtful your gift was. now, if the bastards banish my beloved burnt sienna i needn’t worry. now, i can stop stealing the burnt sienna from jaycie and max’s boxes of crayolas. because, with 64 beautiful brownie bountiful burnt sienna crayons, i should be set for life.

baby, you are the greatest ever.


p.s. do you think people should be suckers for my lucky pretty eyes?

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  1. Wendy 23.Sep.03 at 1:13 pm

    I’m so glad they arrived in time for the Day after the Ides of September. I was nervous they wouldn’t get there in time!

  2. Bonny 23.Sep.03 at 2:17 pm

    Hey, I don’t need a thank-you but some feedback would be nice sometimes. I thought you would like the TAL of the woman who works in the porn section of the video store. 🙂

  3. dweebie 26.Sep.03 at 6:34 pm

    Hope you got the thank you Bonny, I did email it. I thought I had better listen some more before giving actual commentary. Also, I’ve been thinking what I have in my collection that you might like.
    Also, I need to investigate this Rockzilla thing too.