i will not share

we had just finished dinner, the kidlings and i our peanut butter and jelly sammiches, the rest of the fam the beef du jour when sister #4 jumped off the couch:
“oh, i’ve got to show you guys what i got,” she said and ran to her room.
“oh yeah, i’ve got to show you guys what i got,” i said shucking my way out of a sweatshirt.
“what,” sister #2 asked.
“i got a new tattoo,” i said.
“a what,” she asked.
“a new tattoo,” i said showing my arm.
“oh yeah,” sister #3 said, “i forgot to tell you, i’m having quadruplets.”
“yeah,” sister #2 said, “i’ve got cancer.”
“and mom had an abortion,” sister #3 said.
“so you just went by yourself and got a tattoo and didn’t tell anyone,” sister #2 asked.
“you should have told someone.”
“what’s it mean,” sister #3 asked.
“i will dare.”
“you mean, i will not share?”
“way to steal my thunder,” sister #4 said coming out of the bedroom with her new paul bunyanland shirt.
“you should have told me,” sister #2 said. “i would have came with.”
“i just decided spur of the moment, i’m sorry.”
“so,” sister #3 started, “is there anything else you need to share.”
“no,” i said blushing furiously.
“are you sure?”

she was trying to get me to spill the beans about the TTHM. but i’m not ready yet.

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