forcing the issue

tonight i gathered up all my courage and asked the TTHM if he liked me liked me.

he doesn’t, not so much. he adores me, thinks i’m fabulous and he’s still in love with the other woman. the other woman he’s gonna see in two weeks.

the age difference– 16 years bothers him. this came as a total shock to me.

i, of course, still want to smooch on him. he says nothing’s changed. i feel like everything is changed. i really want to be angry with myself. but i can’t do it. because it’s not my fault.

i still have this really fabulous guy in my life, which can’t be bad, right? and, if he’s lucky, he’ll realize how fucking fabulous i am and decide he does in fact like me like me.

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  • Amy

    12.Aug.03 at 12:21 am

    I guess I missed something…I don’t know who this “other woman” is but it doesn’t change that you ARE fabulous! And he’d better figure that out SOON.

    And 16 years is nothing…I mean, its not like we’re going on dog years here.


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