today vs. jodi

in an epic battle pitting me against today, today kicked my ever-loving ass. kicked it. there was so much writing to do that my brain is a little fried. so much writing that at 8:30 this morning shawn asked, “what in the hell are you doing to make you type like that so early?” i am a loud typer.

but i got so much done i don’t even care that today won. i even went grocery shopping. really, grocery shopping where i purchased things other than crackers, cheese and diet coke. real, live grocery shopping where i spent like $70 and better have enough food to eat until the autumnal equinox. i bought a vegetable– three of them. i bought meat stuffs to make chicken fajitas. i bought frozen waffles and more ice cream than you can shake a stick at (all the in the name of charity really what with the blogathon on saturday). now all i really wanna do is sack out in front of the tv with some peanut buttery pancakes and watch 17 episodes of dawson’s creek. sadly, there is no dawson’s creek and no tv since i’m still on hiatus.

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  1. Kevin 22.Jul.03 at 9:07 pm

    It doesn’t sound like today kicked your butt… it sounds like at least a draw. And how does one get an ever-loving ass? My ass is ever-sitting…