quantify my luck i need a mercy fuck

i bet that corporate america could see a resurgence in employee loyalty and productivity if they were:
A. allowed to work without pants on (much like i am doing now)
B. allowed to sing along with soul coughing’s “4 out of 5” really loudly while typing away at whatever it is they are being paid to do

also, i’ve decided i feel better. at least, that’s what i’m telling myself.

“self,” i say, “you are all better.”
“but my tummy still kind of hurts,” myself says back.
“i don’t care,” i say, “eat this toast and do not, i repeat DO NOT vomit. got it?”
“hrmph!” myself says.

and well, you get the picture.

i have no time to be sick this week, not with the 30th hoo-ha this weekend which will entail flower buying and slideshow putting togethering, plus there’s homework that has yet to be completed, a haircut and mooning over my new crush– hell i’ll barely have time to brush my teeth.

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  1. alison 08.Jul.03 at 8:41 am

    there are no good references to soul coughing lyrics anymore.

  2. jodi 08.Jul.03 at 8:50 am

    i’m afriad that they are lost to the past. i will, however, make soul coughing references forever and ever.


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