interview with jaycie

what’s your name?
jaycie (says it and then spells it, just in case i’m not too sure on the spelling)
how old are you?
5 (then she pushes the number five all by herself)
what’s your favorite color?
cause it’s the prettiest color, and the lightest color too.
isn’t white the lightest color?
so then pink can’t be the lightest color.
but it is the most prettiest color too. (max chanting in the back: I love blue, i love blue, i love blue, are you gonna write it?)
jaycie, what do you want to be when you grow up?
a vetanarian.
because i want to be a vetanarian because i love cats and dogs and fish and bunnies and goldfish.
aren’t goldfish fish?
so what do you like to do for fun?
barbies. play barbies with my barbie dreamhouse. but i really don’t play with my barbie dreamhouse.
why don’t you play with your barbie dreamhouse.
i don’t know, now i’m gonna start. i draw the beautifulest pictures ever, because i’m an artist.
what else do you like to do for fun?
i like to play stuffed animals. and and and what else? what else aunt jodi?
i dunno what else do you do?
i like to eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch and my favorite snack is popsicles, and cherries are my favorite fruit and grapes and i love my mommy and daddy. what else aunt jodi?
what else do you want to talk about?
umm, i like princesses and my favorite one is cinderella and rapunzel and barbie in the nutcracker and little mermaid 2.
my favorite princess is tinkerbell. she rules.
tinkerbell? what is it cinderella?
no tinkerbell, she could kick cinderella’s butt.
tinkerbell could kick cinderella’s butt? sister #3 says from the couch.
yes, i said.
cinderella’s been on her knees scrubbing floors,” she said.
tinkerbell has a wand.

hello there, says max, hi.
what are you doing? writing?
yes, i’m writing.
i’m writing an entry for my web site.
what are you doing boo?
isn’t that jaycie’s spot?
yeah but i want to go over here, can i?

so now jaycie is sitting on one end of the desk and max is sitting on the other. good thing sister #3 has a large desk.

my favorite friend is jenna and clare and georgia, jaycie says.
jacob is mine, max says.
how do you spell georgia, jaycie asks
georgia, jaycie says.
and is this jackson? are you spelling jackson now? max asks.

nobody has anything else to say.
i do, i do, jaycie says spaghetti is my favorite food and pizza, pizza.
what is this thing jodigrody, max asks.
it’s wooden spider.
oh, where’s the yes and anteenas and mouth.
it’s sculpture.
can you break it?
it’s not breaking.

what else do i like, jaycie says. what are you writing, what are you writing aunt jodi.
my favorite shapes are cirlces, triangles and hearts and that’s it.

did you already know that?
did i know what?
that my mommy and daddy came over to your house instead, max said. why didn’t you clean your kitchen?
because i don’t like to clean my kitchen.
why did you yell at me when i went to the bathroom, what did you thought i was doing.
i thought you were gonna dig in my room, i said.
i wasn’t, max said, i was just gonna go potty. you know, it just made me a little angry.

aha, jaycie said, i got something. i have two favorite barbies, pocket and kelsey. she’s my new barbie.

why are you mad at me, max asks.
i’m not mad at you.
am i being naughty?

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  1. CT 26.Jul.03 at 10:05 pm

    In-ter-est-ing… I’ll have to come back after the Blogathon Enduro Challenge and read more fully.


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