and the whole world is on your case

i’m back to work and i couldn’t be less thrilled about it. i think this has more to do with the fact that i didn’t get to bed until well after 2 a.m. than anything else.

see, i made the mistake of going over to sister #3’s to discuss the TTHM. she’s quite obsessed. well, not really, i guess she’s more curious and of course i have no answers at all.

“so is he your boyfriend?”
“i don’t know, i don’t think so.”
“why not?”
“well don’t i have to ask him to go with me or something? don’t we have to discuss that? we’ve only seen each other three times!”
“yeah, but it’s three dates in less than two weeks.”
“they aren’t even dates!”
“well, whatever you want to call them. you are too hung up on the terminology.”
“so when are you gonna see him again?”

blargh. all i know is that i like him. a lot. and i’m pretty sure that he likes me so far. and i try not to overshoot the headlights and worry my fool head off that he’ll figure out sooner rather than later that i’m not all that cool.

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  1. Bonny 15.Jul.03 at 11:15 am

    Jodi jodi jodi jodi. Take the high road. Be here now.

  2. jodi 15.Jul.03 at 11:17 am

    ms. miyagi, i don’t understand!

  3. Thomas 15.Jul.03 at 12:26 pm

    Jodi, don’t overshoot your headlights, but don’t forget to read the road signs either.

    You’ve been trying to convince me that you’re not cool for what, two years now? I’ve been insisting that you ARE cool, and that some lucky guy is going to find you and make you deleriously happy, to which you’ve pooh-poohed all along.

    Now there he is. The guy I’ve been telling you about. He sees you as you are and he too judges you as cool. Now tell the self-destructive Jodi to pipe-down and let this guy have a chance to fall madly in love with you already. Sheesh! I’m not saying to expect a proposal tonight, but don’t expect that he’ll walk out on you either.

    You are cool, you are capable of being loved, and you’re sexy.

    I’m right, he knows I’m right and the rest of your “darling ones” know I’m right: YOU ARE “SUPER-SWANKY GIRL”.

    And technically, he is your boyfriend.

  4. Bonny 15.Jul.03 at 3:45 pm

    It’s a Buddhist saying meaning, leave your baggage in some deep, dark basement and just live each day/hour/moment unburdened with perceptions, warnings or predictions. 🙂 Of course you can’t do it all the time w/o practice, but you could practice for a couple of hours a day!