give me spots on my apples

i just jumped on the clue train. see, i’m totally addicted to the counting crows song “paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” and i just discovered that it’s actually a cover of a Joni Mitchell song. sonja, the wondergeek, would probably have me drawn and quartered for not knowing this. so, i’ve decided to educate myself and downloaded a boatload of joni mitchell songs. and can i just say, i’m in love. wow, i feel so cheated for not having heard all this for so long (and for the stuff i have heard i feel stupid for not knowing it was joni mitchell).

ahh, i love discovery.

in other news, i’m gonna get my slackass off this chair and continue working on the The Great Apartment Redesign™ 2003. i started out good this morning. gassed up ruby, got her washed, grocery shopped– but since then i’ve been slacking off– playing with WinMX and shopping on amazon. i’ll do better the rest of the afternoon, i promise.

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  1. Richard 13.Apr.03 at 1:53 pm

    people wander the
    corridors of the internet
    opening doors and peeking
    inside the same old rooms
    then suddenly
    they notice a lovely light
    shining under one of
    the doors
    and when they open it
    they discover that this room
    is unlike any other
    because it is
    their own

  2. Ed 15.Apr.03 at 12:01 pm

    What is your WinMX username?


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