in the echo of whoever spoke

so i had a dream about phish. this in and of itself is kind of odd considering i’m not a real phish fan at all. i’m not a jam band sort of fan at all. so anyway, i had a dream about phish (which my fingers automatically want to spell fish).

so in my dream i was on some sort of weird phish hike. i’m not sure the whole band was there, but i do know the shaggy redhead was. we were hiking on his property. his property was filled with all sorts of slides. the slides were covered with snow. sometimes we went down the slides standing up, sometimes on our butts.

he took us to his well or water supply or whatever it was. he kept making a joke about how this water supply was “viagra falls.” the rest of the hiking group thought it was funny. i did not. so he had us taste the water and it was wretched.

then i woke up singing Bouncin’ Around the Room. so then i had to go download the song, but see i didn’t know the name of the song only a snippet of the lyrics. and really i must admit that fate doesn’t go bouncing around the room in the echo of whoever spoke. apparently the singer is faintly bonucing around in the room. i still think fate should be bouncing around– makes for a much better song.

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