in honor of today being my half-birthday, sonja brought flowers and donuts. yes, she is the ONLY person that rememberd. how dare you? darling ones, i am so disappointed that you forgot today was that magical day where i turned thrity and a half.

don’t worry, there’s still like 10.5 hours left in the day so you can spend the rest of it making amends and sucking up the internet sweetheart (and yes, that would be me).

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  1. Jake 06.Dec.02 at 2:23 pm

    Happy half birthday… I have no idea when my half birthday is. My birthday is 10/16. You could have a 2nd breakfast to celibrate that would be very Hobbit of you

  2. Wes 07.Dec.02 at 12:24 am

    huh-huh… you said “sucking up the internet sweetheart” – BE GLAD TO!


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