it was damn cold out this morning as i hopped into ruby about to start the adventure that is my commute to work.

since today is jess’ birthday i had a boatload of helium balloons floating around. the windows were all frosted up so i sat there for a bit waiting for the magic defrosters to work their magic defrosting magic. i was aimlessly daydreaming, wondering how many near accidents i’d get into with the balloons floating about when i noticed this horrendous smell.

i looked out the nearly thawed windshield and saw great rolling clouds of smoke coming from ruby’s hood.

as i sat there trying to decide if i should run or cry or turn off the car or what, one of the balloons shifted and out of the corner of my eye i caught a man standing next to ruby.

only he wasn’t really standing next to ruby. he was scraping the windshield of his GIANOURMOUS truck that was backed into the space next to me.

scraping the windshield of the truck that he had just started.

scraping the windshield of the truck whose exhaust may appear to be big rolling clouds of smoke coming from someone else’s hood.

yeah, i felt really, really stupid.

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  1. UH 01.Nov.02 at 12:28 pm

    You poor thing. I haven’t had to scrape my windshield yet. Came awfully close yesterday, but a spritz of washer fluid was enough to turn it slushy so the wipers could whisk it away.

    If it gets any colder I’m afraid my classic car will get booted out of the garage and under a tarpaulin so I can start my morning with frostless windows on the old commuter-bomb.