for lack of anything else to say

the friday five, because i feel like it

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?
one. i own it now, all official like. i didn’t buy it, i’ve never bought a tv in my entire life. see, this one was sister #4’s and when i moved into my own place and was poor she let me use it. that was like three or four years ago. she just bought some gianourmous flat screen dvd, vcr, microwave oven, food dehydrator model, so i get to keep this one.

i only need one. i am morally opposed to having a tv in the bedroom.

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?
4-6 hours. i have a short attention span when it comes to tv, unless i’m really sick, i can only handle about an hour at a time.

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?
depends on what they’re watching. rolie polie olie the great defender of fun rules, blues clues rules, sesame streets, there’s tons of good children’s tv out there.

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you’re heartbroken?
none. there’s gobs of shows i like and enjoy watching– but i decided a long time ago (about the time i realized it wasn’t that cool to memorize the tv guide and then plan your life accordingly) that tv will not dictate my life. i’m very anti-taping tv too.

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?
Jem and the Holograms
the simpsons
dawson’s creek
the simspons
that 70s show
two hours of law & order:criminal intent
naked nbc news with tom brokaw & tim russert
conan o’brien
the paul westerberg variety show
and i think that’s about it.

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  1. kaitlin 19.Oct.02 at 12:18 am

    hey, we have very similar thought regarding television. the first time i lived in france i didn’t watch any tv at all. then i lived in an apartment in fargo and didn’t own a tv. then i was in france again and… okay, watched a TON of tv. but it was in french and good for my language learning, etc. but seriously, i like shows and all, but it just doesn’t dictate my life…. the internet does.

  2. Mistralite 19.Oct.02 at 9:57 am

    Amen to that. Long live the internet.


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