five things

i’m so grouchy today i can barely see straight, i’m not quite sure what the problem is maybe it’s all the uncertainty in my life at the moment. maybe i’m just an ungrateful brat. maybe it’s because it was snowing when i left for work this morning (late because i overslept) and then i had to fall to the ground on my knees and curse the gods above. maybe i’m just psychotically derranged and need some serious mental health (or a lobotomy). maybe it’s just normal since you know my best friend’s leaving the company and joe’s leaving the company and you know i make $10K less than the current industry standard for my position. so yeah, i’m being a big, fat brat at the moment. so i decided that i really had to make a list of five things i am grateful for at this very moment:
1. new books by dave eggers (even though it’s just sitting in my bag unread, i know i will get to crack it open once i get to the bowling alley tonight)
2. hot cocoa
3. soul coughing
4. the outlaw
5. you

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  1. Thomas 07.Oct.02 at 1:51 pm

    Snowing? Ye GODS!

    Thanks for the #5 mention. I have another thing to be grateful for; Grilled Cheese sammiches. The good kind, not the cheddar goo Foremanized bastards. (And I believe that to “Foreman” should be recognized as a verb meaning “to easily cook”; What do you want to do with this hamburger? Make chili, spaghetti, sloppy joes or Foremanize it?)

    That and be grateful you still get a thrill practicing. When that’s lost it’s fun your f@%!ing dull, to paraphrase Green Day.

  2. Jake 07.Oct.02 at 4:09 pm

    So how do you take your cocoa?


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