are you my mother?

last night i had the unmitigated joy of babysitting three out of four of my favorite kids in the entire land.

while sister #2 and stinky went out shopping and to dinner and while kari and adam went to buca’s to celebrate adam’s mom’s birthday, i was left at kari’s house with jake, jaycie and max.

sister #2 arrived before kari’s return. as she and stinky were gathering up the kidlings. max decided he had some questions that needed to be answered.

“jodi grody, how come jake doesn’t have a mom?”
“he has a mom.”

after i answered his question a series of emotions flitted across his face. first there was puzzlement, followed quickly by sudden surprise and recognition, and finally a look of utter betrayal.

“you’re his mom!” he shouted and pointed at me. as if i had been hiding this beautiful red haired boy from him for so long, another cousin just like cade!

“no,” i said, “his mom and dad will be home in a little while. i’m only babysitting.”
“oh, ok.”

and that was that.

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