jerky treat lover

we were arguing over the design of section 1 for our website. jess and todd (the graphic artist and the web designer) couldn’t seem to come up with a concept they liked using my copy.

so in my frustration i said, “FINE! you want me to design it?”

they gathered into my cell to watch as i designed the space. of course we were so loud that we drew quite a crowd. todd was ripping on me continuously as i fumbled my way through a few ideas.

“oh, good luck getting that work! what font is that? that’s not going to work! you can’t put that on the home page,” he said over and over.
“listen here jerky treat,” i started.
“ok, jerky treat lover.”

that’s when the entire group erupted into laughter.

soon we will be going to lunch for todd’s birthday. it promises to be great gobs of fun. we are taking john along, john’s still pretty new. but when i asked where we should take todd for his birthday he said, “How about we go up to Super America and get him a microwave burrito.”

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  1. Thomas 01.Aug.02 at 1:13 pm

    Well, I guess my plans to take you out for a romanic mexican dinner are screwed now. They call it SUPER America for a reason.

    They have an excellent whine selection…

  2. umar 25.May.03 at 10:21 am

    i will like to be ur freand


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