inappropriately aroused at work

“hey joe, where’s your glasses?” i asked.
“oh, i got lasic yesterday.”
“shut up!”
“and you can see already?”
“it’s a little difficult.”

then shawn peeps his head around my cell wall and all hell breaks loose.

“there’s something different about you,” he said to joe.
“yeah, i lost 20 pounds.”
“did you get a new rug?”

of course then i have to mention the viagra commercial, you know the one where the guy’s walking through the office and everyone’s wondering what’s different about him.

“have you seen that viagra commercial?”
“yeah,” joe and shawn both said.
“nobody seems to mention that he’s inappropriately aroused at work.”
“you’re right!” shawn said, “they never show him from the waist up.”
“what’s different? he’s inappropriately aroused at work!”

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  1. joe the peacock 15.Aug.02 at 2:48 pm


    You rock. I don’t care WHAT everyone else says.



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