the other Jodi will love this. karyn, from save karyn fame was on the local radio this morning.

she’s a total bimbo. she claims, “i’m not a bad person, i’m just frivolous.” so that’s why people should pay off her credit card debt.

plus she gets all moral when people want her to have sex with them or go out on a date with them.

when you’re begging people to pay off your debt, why do you get to be all moral?

i thought credit card debt was a lesson everyone had to learn the hard way.

i can’t believe people sent this moron $1800 last week. i would be more understanding if she was trying to pay off student loans or something, but fucking shoes?

blah. i can’t even type about it without going into a frothing rage.

i think it’s from growing up so poor. i remember christmases with no presents, college days with no meals and here her biggest problem is she spent too much on shoes and purses and makeup.

people are stupid enough to support her damn shopping habit. whatever happened to learning from your mistakes?

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  1. monkey 26.Aug.02 at 7:33 pm

    that is one of the most offensive fucking things i have seen in a long, LONG time. some people live in some strange la la land where everyone else lives to serve their needs. i wish i could find a place like that!

  2. chris 26.Aug.02 at 8:31 pm

    you should check the counter-site

    she was discussed a while ago on and someone commented that by her standards of ‘saving’, he had saved $13 billion by not buying an aircraft carrier.
    The thing is I don’t think she’ll learn from her ‘experience’. All she’ll learn is that when she’s in the shit, she can just put a site up and go on the beg again.
    And there’s another famine hitting Africa at this very moment.

  3. monkey 26.Aug.02 at 9:07 pm

    that is awesome… thanks… that cheered me up! i read crap like that, and i just want to lose it… like reading about the baseball players strike, CEOs reaming companies and never having to own up, etc… yadda yadda…

    what gets me so pissed is that they GET AWAY WITH IT!! ARRRG!!!

    people like that ought to be publicly beaten.

  4. Jodi 26.Aug.02 at 10:28 pm

    This chick makes me see all shades of red. I can’t stand that she thinks she’s cute. Tee-fucking-hee. Adorable. Cretin obviously truly buys into the whole notion that people actually dress like the “Sex and the City” girls on a regular basis. Get a grip, you moron.

    Diane from SaveKarynNot left a comment on my site thanking me for drawing attention to HER site. I loved that.

    Karyn is an absolute disgrace. I would love to bash that smug face into the nearest brick wall. Give her something to really cry about.

  5. Kevin 27.Aug.02 at 1:11 pm

    I’m not supporting Karyn at all. I won’t be sending her any money or even going to her site past the one, “What the??!!” click. I think she should have to deal with debt like everyone else. But, aren’t we all just upset we didn’t think of this first? How different is what she’s doing from us putting Amazon Wishlists on our sites? If people are dumb enough to send her money, then why shouldn’t she ask for it? If people are shallow enough to think it will get them somewhere, oh well. I agree that the money would be better spent going to charity, but do you really think the people sending her money would have sent it to charity instead? I don’t.

    It’s a great example of ingenuity and dumb luck. The thought process must have been something to behold, “Holy crap, look at all this debt… I should stop buying shoes. Oh, wait, I can just go online and ask for the money! That way, I can still buy shoes.” Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, even though we all hate them. I’m angry that someone would attempt it, but even angrier that it seems to be working… and that’s the worst part.

  6. Szue 08.Oct.02 at 1:24 pm

    I just saw this site. Don’t worry guys.
    She is sure to fuck up again and I really
    doubt her spare changing technique will
    work a second time. 😉

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