no place for you to be a girl

last night i had the oddest, saddest dream.

i dreamt that i broke into paul westeberg’s house and hid out in the basement. eventually his wife found me down there. i don’t remember what actually was said but somehow i conned her into believing that i was actually supposed to be there. i think i might have said paul had hired me to babysit their daughter who was jaycie’s age (when in actuality they have a son, johnny, who is jaycie’s age).

so i have no idea how long i was there. but i played with the daughter and hung out for a long time. eventually paul came home and blew my cover. he was furious and kept calling the police. i was sobbing like a baby. somehow i had used his credit card from something, $256 worth of something. i can’t remember what it was, but he was outraged and screaming at me.

his wife took pity on me and said that i could just pay them back, but i’d have to leave and never come back. i gave them the money and they called my family to come get me.

sister #2 arrived at their house to collect me and i was still crying. the only thing she said was, “that was a boneheaded thing to do.”

and that’s all i remember.

now i feel like someone should quote willy from beautiful girls and say, “i will now check your freezer for frozen human heads.”

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  1. Thomas 09.Jul.02 at 8:00 am

    It’s interesting that it was $256. Tell me Jodi, how much RAM does your system have?

    I only ask because 256 is a binary exponent. 2 to the 8th power to be exact. 256 is also the minimum amount of RAM recommended to run Windows XP.

    It could be work related stress. I’d sue.

  2. Anonymous 09.Jul.02 at 10:21 am

    Who is the westerberg guy anyway? Is he your German neighbor or something?

  3. Anonymous 09.Jul.02 at 3:08 pm

    okay, so he ain’t german, but why you panting for him all the time?


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